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Why a Valentine's Day wedding might be right for you

Valentine's Day evokes strong emotions in so many people. On the official day of all things love, many eagerly anticipate the chance to spend time with their sweethearts.

Couples who already have hearts in their eyes and are enamored with all things Valentine's Day may want to tie the knot on this special holiday, and few can argue when a couple decides to become husband and wife on this day devoted to love and affection.

Valentine's Day is a popular day to tie the knot, as more than two million people choose Feb. 14 to walk down the aisle in the United States alone.

Valentine's Day is an easy day to remember, meaning it will be hard for husbands and wives to forget their wedding anniversaries.

Another benefit to getting married on Valentine's Day is the ambiance may already be taken care of by various establishments in the community. Reception halls may be embellished with flowers, balloons and other decor, while businesses may already be displaying hearts in their windows and twinkling pink, red and white lights for Valentine's-focused customers.

Couples who may not know which colors to choose for their wedding parties and table linens can just go with the colors and themes of Valentine's Day if they decide to tie the knot on Feb. 14. Chocolate brown, red, lavender, and pink are primary hues for the season, and any combination will complement the festivities and ceremony - whether they're the color of the napkins or making up the bouquet.

Valentine's Day treats and trinkets make for great wedding favors. Guests can take home individual boxes of chocolates or crystal candle votives, while buffet dessert tables can be embellished with vases filled with chocolate kisses or candied hearts.

Couples looking for a special day to tie the knot need not look any further than Valentine's Day, a day devoted to couples and the affection they share for each other.

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