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North Attleboro High School graduate Nicole Hammons (formerly Roberge) and husband Chad at their February wedding.

Red Sox fan Nicole Hammons and her husband Chad, a Cardinals fan, at Game 4 of the World Series at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

A marriage made in baseball heaven

Love conquers all, even a heated World Series rivalry.

Nicole Hammons, 29, formerly Nicole Roberge, is a 2002 graduate of North Attleboro High School and grew up a die-hard Red Sox fan. Her husband Chad, 31, grew up in Springfield, Mo., and is a die-hard Cardinals fan.

With their teams squaring off for the title, the couple, who live in San Diego, turned a planned visit to Missouri into a World Series trip they'll remember for years to come.

The couple had been planning the trip for about a year, Hammons said in an email.

"Chad went to Mizzou (University of Missouri) and he has always wanted to take me back for football games and homecoming," Hammons said. "Our trip was to go to the Florida-Mizzou game the first weekend, see Chad's family in Springfield, Missouri, during the week, and then go back to Colombia for Mizzou's homecoming this last weekend."

When the Cardinals advanced to the Series and the couple realized Game 4 would be Sunday night, they changed their flight so that they could stay and watch the game in St. Louis. When the Red Sox beat the Tigers to advance to the World Series, they started looking for tickets.

"We changed our flight by one day to at least be able to watch the game in St. Louis, and we both hoped Boston would win and be the team coming there," Hammons said. "When Boston won, we knew that we would have to try to buy tickets and go to the game. It felt like fate."

Hammons said she had a blast at the game, a 4-2 Red Sox victory, and her husband had a lot of fun despite his team's loss. Living in Southern California, Hammons said she's used to rooting for the Sox as the away team and has developed a thick skin for trash talk.

"Most of the Cardinals fans were very nice. I even got some handshakes and high fives for a good game from some of them," she said. "The night was surreal, being at one of the biggest games of the year. I was excited the entire time."

While the couple is enjoying watching their teams battle on the field, they're trying to keep their competition friendly.

"Chad and I have, of course, been bantering back and forth, but we both know how much the other loves their team so we are doing our best to be respectful and keep the gloating to a minimum," Hammons said. "It is, of course, hard knowing that for one of us to win, the other has to lose though."

The World Series isn't the first time the couple have had their preferred sports teams come to a head, as their love for their respective teams was included at their wedding earlier this year.

"At our wedding, all of the tables at the reception had our favorite team name, and the tables had a picture of the two of us at a sporting event rooting for those teams," Hammons said. "Our sweetheart table had to be named the 'hall of fame' since we couldn't decide who to put there."