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Is there a right name to call my in-laws?

Dear Etiquette 101,

What on Earth should I call my in-laws? Mr. and Mrs. Smith seems to formal, Harry and Harriet seems too casual, and they're great but not my own Mom and Dad.

Is one name more correct than another?


Sheila B.

Dear Sheila,

I am reminded of my own sister-in-law in this instance, who famously called my parents nothing for the first 4 years of her marriage.

That would be the only incorrect option.

The best option is to continue calling them what you call them presently. They'll correct you if they'd prefer to be called something else now that you're family.

If they do suggest "Mom and Dad," and you're not comfortable with that, please very politely let them know why and suggest an alternative that you think will work for everyone.

Best of luck,

Etiquette 101